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Effective Methods From Technical Experts to Solve HP Printer Won’t Turn On

Printers are hi-tech devices today. With innovation and technology gaining pace, printers have also evolved to be a great device. HP is one of the brands that is always reinventing with its innovative technologies. It already has some variants with the laser and Inkjet printers and in addition, has incorporated wireless printers into the HP family. But, no technical device is perfect no matter how technically it is advanced. One of the common issues is HP printer won’t turn on.

The printer includes power problems which can be frustrating if you are working on some important projects. With several factors acting as the reasons, the main ones are the battery and hardware problems. With trial and error method you can somehow identify the reasons causing the power problem with the HP printer. In this comprehensive guide, you will find the reasons and solutions for your printer not turning on.

Quick Steps to Fix HP Printer Won’t Turn On

Step 1:

Start by plugging the power cable into the power outlet and press the printer’s power button. If the power light does not flash, you can press the button again. Some HP printers take time to turn on, make sure you do not hold the power button for too long. Give it some time to initialize, otherwise, it might again turn off.


First, disconnect the printer’s power supply from the power outlet and check if there is any visible changes or modifications. In case, your power cable is not working properly, then there must be a problem with the module. Detach the power module from the printer, after this, you can connect the power cable into the outlet. If you find the green light on the power module is not blinking, then you have to replace the part.

Step 3:

Try plugging the power supply into the HP printer once again. Ensure proper power supply. Even if the printer does not start then change the power outlet and if the printer turns on, then the issue is with the power outlet and not the printer.

Step 4:

Look for the USB connector that is situated at the back of the printer and then finally inspect the last check whether the printer is turning on or not. If the printer is turning on without the USB then the problem is with the USB cable. HP printer won’t turn on if you don’t change the cable.

Additional Tips for Troubleshooting the Problem

As a matter of fact, your printer model might have a different kind of power module inside the printer. With some printers the power module is external or it might consist of a rechargeable battery if you possess a wireless printer.

Basically, you need to check all your power cords. The HP printers utilize standardized Power Cords which are built for computers and electronics. You must find a power cord with similar connectors. Then you can apply the steps

    • Reset the power module and test the wall outlet.
  • Secondly, test the printer button. In case your HP Photosmart printer won’t turn on, get hold of a compatible power cord to experience uninterrupted printing.

In addition, you can also go for the replacement of the power module of the printer. At times, when their operational life almost comes to an end it is better to replace them to avoid inviting further damages. In case, none of the methods are working, then it seems your printer is actually having some critical issues. It is advisable to avail of professional assistance. The team of experts are working with printer issues for years and have developed effective steps to combat any kind of issue.

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You can communicate with us by calling at HP Support helpline number +1-888-573-0071 Talk to the experts and get appropriate corrective methods and ideas to solve HP printer won’t turn on issues. If traditional ways of connecting seem boring for you, then you can chat via the Live Chat option from the website. Alternatively, you can also send us an email describing the issues. The HP Printer Support team is very responsive and will get back to you within 24 hours upon receiving the service request.

Feel free to communicate with the professionals and resolve all your HP printer issues at the earliest.  

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