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How to Fix HP Laptop Startup Error

If your computer does not start at all or it starts but won’t boot properly, it’s possible that you can fix the laptop easily without taking it to a repair center. If the pc doesn’t start, provides an summary of the whole troubleshooting method for HP laptop startup Error.

This blog with stepwise details to restore the pc to proper operation. If your laptop doesn’t startup or boot into Windows, use this blog is to troubleshoot and correct the HP laptop startup Error.

Brief Instructions to Fix HP Laptop Startup Error:

BIOS Error

Sometimes, you’ll notice that the LED is blinking, and CPU provides a positive signal, but the HP laptop won’t turn on. Somehow, all the hardware parts don’t get the proper power supply that can happen because of the BIOS issues.

Power supply issue

Another issue that you simply may face while switch on the HP laptop is the flickering LED. Possibly, it’s a connection error. So, first verify whether the computer battery is capable of holding the charge or not. Otherwise, laptop can stay unresponsive because of lack of charging.

Blue Screen And Black Screen Error

Sometimes, you may notice an unexpected message showing on the screen throughout cold booting. it’s stated the Black screen error and the driver error that can be responsible for this hassle. On the other hand, the blue screen error happens for firmware update issues.

Other Issues Related to Startup Error

Another issue that you simply may often encounter that the Windows stops responding after showing the Windows brand on your screen. So, the HP computer won’t boot and it is because of the program installation errors in Windows. Disk installation problems might corrupt the disk files. As a result, the HP computer startup error occurs. Troubleshooting Methods to Tackle HP Laptop Slow Startup Problem:

  • Disable the fast startup action.
  • Clean up the boot drive by deleting useless garbage.
  • Defrag the hard drive which also helpful in speeding-up the boot process.
  • Change your HDD to SSD as SSD are much faster than HDD.
  • Disable all update of Windows 10 manually.

Before proceeding with these methods, you need to finish 3-step examination first.

HP Laptop Startup Error

Take a look at the three-step examinations:

  • Try several times to restart your HP laptop, whenever the “Slow Boot Time” appears for the first time.
  • At least run the Antivirus software once which can help you to remove all the suspicious software and files from your computer.
  • Do not use the latest windows system in your outdated laptop. It would definitely run awkwardly due to the hardware compatibility issue.
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Just Dial +1-888-573-0071 HP Customer Support Team

You can dial technical support number +1-888-573-0071 for HP. So, make a call and get the simplest solutions through discussions with our HP Support Assistant team. Again, if you are not able to fix HP laptop Startup Error boot up issues on your own, you can drop an email at our registered mailing address info@hpsupport247.com or do a live chat for instant help.

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