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Common HP Error Codes Occur In Hp Printer

HP Error Codes

HP Error Codes are typical when your printer comes with a fault or isn’t working. The printer will display a message on the printer on the pc. Locate the Frequent HP error codes that will help you to get the ideal problem to restore your printer using an error code.

How To Apparent HP Error Codes On Your Printer

In many Cases a very simple printer cable using reset will clear that the HP error message by following these basic steps:

  1. Alter The printer (unless it’s already switched on).
  2. Wait Before the printer is in stationery mode until you are gone.
  3. Whilst The printer is on, unplug the power cable in the rear of the printer.
  4. Eliminate The power cable from the plug socket.
  5. Wait Least 60 minutes.
  6. Twist The power cable back into the plug socket and then reconnect the power cable into the rear of the printer.
  7. Switch on The printer.
  8. Wait Before the printer is quiet and see whether that has cleared the message.

If the Reset does not work then take a look at the HP error codes below to obtain a issue and solution. Also check your printer manual for more info.

Heating Up

This HP Printer difficulty is often connected with printer or driver cable issues. Switch off the printer and on then this error message should disappear. If this Does not do the job. Switch off the printer and take the power cable for 30 minutes, then remove the printer cable and then flip it back on. If this Does not correct the problem there can be a hardware issue.

Supplies Performance Guarantee

Your Printer has an issue with the printer cartridge processor, which it is having difficulty reading. This might be due to it being dislodged, scratched or never installed at the printer properly.

The Printer is having trouble using a toner cartridge processor since it’s not able to read it. Switch off the printer and take the power cable for 30 minutes, then remove the printer cable and then flip it back on.

Attempt Reinstalling the printer cartridge and whether the issue persists it may be a hardware error.

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Paper Outside

A simple Error code to fix, the printer paper tray is empty, open up it and refill with newspaper. In case the paper tray is not empty there may be a issue with the paper detector or tray. Make sure The printer is on a level surface and wash up any toner develop. If the error code remains displaying check and be sure that the newspaper senor or optical-sensor is clean and not damaged.

Open or no EP

If the Toner cartridge in your printer is properly set up, this may indicate the cover is available or the PS5 detectors or cooling fans might be faulty. To Fix This error code make certain toner cartridges are set up and most of overs are shut. If error code proceeds to display you could have a hardware error.

Paper Jam

If this Code seems you’ve got a paper jam, newer versions of HP printers will inform you where the jam is situated so that you just have to follow the directions on the display to solve the error code. Should you have an older version HP printer, you are going to need to search for the shake yourself, a jam can happen in one of four phases of printing these are: pickup, fusing, print and depart. Proceed through all of the access points onto the printer to find and extract the newspaper. Don’t use hard or sharp tools to remove the paper as it might lead to damage to the printer.

No EP Cartridge

There’s either no cartridge installed or the printer does not recognise the cartridge that’s installed. Reinstalling the cartridge generally simplifies this error code, otherwise try a printer reset using the cartridge eliminated then install it once the printer is back on.

Toner Low

One of The more prevalent HP error codes, the code suggests that the toner cartridge is running out of toner. Despite this toner might nevertheless have some wax powder from the cartridge, just remove the cartridge and shake it gently to redistribute the rest of the toner powder inside the capsule. If the Toner cartridge is totally ran out you will want to substitute it.

Memory Overflow

The Current print job exceeds the memory of this printer, this specific error code can be worked out by decreasing the size of this job this may be accomplished in a couple of ways. To lessen the DPI of this project or disabling the collate option can solve this, alternatively produce the picture or record easier. Eventually you could always install extra memory if that the printer permits.

Insert Overrun

Print job is bigger than memory of this printer that is a similar issue to malfunction code 20 hence requires exactly the identical solution, decrease the magnitude of this job or put in more memory.

I/O Configuration

Error Code 22 suggests there’s a communication error between the printer and computer. Consider plugging the printer into another computer interface, if this does not work try another cable. In case the error code stays it might be a hardware error.

Job Performance Total

Printer Queue was bombarded, there are also many jobs in the queue, because of this issue being like error code 20 and 21 the remedy to this error code is exactly the same, please consult with those error codes for replies.

XXX Memory Total

This Error code suggests the exact issues as error code 24, please consult with error codes 20 and 21 for answers. Every one these issue share exactly the exact same solution.

PS Error 16

A PostScript error, this will ask that you try out another PostScript file rather try resetting the PostScript SIMM. You will have the ability to find more details about this within your printer guide.

Disc Guarantee

Printer Hard disk crash, just press on the “SELECT” button on the printer must solve this situation. In case the error code comprises to show you might have a hardware error.

Information Transfer Error

Broken Link between printer and computer, check all wires between the computer and printer and replace as needed, assess the EIO planks are properly seated. If the printer is networked double check IP configurations to ensure nothing has changed and what fits as it needs to. Occasionally this issue may be prevented by pressing on the “SELECT” button however, you might eliminate the printing information, if that is true, simply reprint the lost pages.

Reputable Print Engine Error

Error Code 41 informs the consumer that the printer has a small engine error, easily solved only preform a printer reset. If you’re uncertain the way to do this we’ve left a manual to reset your printer on peak of the page. You might need to resend the pages you would like to print when the printer has turned back on.

Printer Error or Communication Infection

This Error code may look for some reason like cable difficulties, firmware errors or hardware defects. You can Try out the reset procedures as stated on peak of the page, then when the error code displays upgrade the firmware, also try using different printer wires. If the error code displays as soon as you’ve taken these measures the printer might have developed a challenging ware fault.

x – Fuser Error

Should you Possess a”50.” Error code all signal fuser difficulties, whether that is in connection to the supporting circuits, the fuser its else will be contingent on the number after the”.” .

50.1 – Fuser Error

This allows you understand the fuser is still warming up.

50.2 – Fuser Error

The fuser had neglected to heat up, revealing up the warm period has timed-out. This is normally linked to the circuit or power error.

50.8 – Fuser Error

Sub-thermistor has finds an error, this code suggests a decrease fuser temperature.

51 – Beam Detect Error

This Error code may mean one of 2 things based on how old the LaserJet printer is. Primarily on older versions this error code notifies the consumer that the tab which opens the laser portrait is lost. On new versions the issue may be fault with the full laser scanner apparatus.

52 – Incorrect Scanner Speed Dial

HP error Codes 52, 52.1 and 52.2 all point to a problem with the printer polygon mirror that reflects a laser beam throughout the imaging device. It is possible to try out a reset to clear the message in addition to new cables in the event the message persists, the last solution is to contact with an engineer.

54 – Printer Error Cycle Power

Many Things can make this error code to happen. On a few LaserJet versions it means that the sealing tape form that the toner cartridge hasn’t yet been removed. If that isn’t the situation you will needs an engineer to have a look.

55 – Inner Communication Problem / Controller Error

Odds Are this error has occurred because of a bad relationship between the DC controller along with the formatter. The fault may be with either or both these products. At times the problem could be down to firmware DIMMS or driver issues. If a Reset does not eliminate the error code, a HP engineer would want to have a look.

56 – Printer Device Error

Depending On what version LaserJet printer, this code may indicate a couple of distinct things. Try out these subsequent ceases to clean the error code:

  1. Make sure paper is set up properly
  2. Reinstall the basic stacker
  3. You Might Be attempting to publish envelops whilst duplex style is busy
  4. Ensure printers configuration is right
  5. Finally attempt a reset procedure

57. xx – Fan Failure / Gears Seized / Memory Card Error

Another Error code that may mean a couple of unique things based on the time of the LaserJet printer. Newer versions this indicates that a fault has grown one or more of those lovers. Older printer for this error code may have memory issues or the gears will probably have captured. Odds Are this will require assistance from a professional.

58. Xx – Infection

A common Error code that may signify a selection of issues, a number of which may be a consequence of faulty detectors, memory management, fans, power or DC control.

This is Another issue that requires the aid of an engineer.

59 – Motor Error

Motor Error can relate to some fault growing in one of those motors, this may be among these following motors. Main motor, fuser motor, picture drum engine or ETC motorvehicle. Older version printers Error code 59 link to memory issues. With older version printers it’s possible to reset or change the printers that ought to resolve the error. On the other hand additional version printers will expect a look out of a HP engineer.

60. Xx – Infection

This Error code will imply one of two things based on the printers era, first from your printer is a more recent version it’ll be a fault happening with the motorised elevator menu, this is fixing by assessing the tray for whatever obstructing it. Older model printer that this code identifies a memory fault, you can try reinstalling or altering the memory to repair this error code.

61 – Formatter, Memory Error

Memory Has been fitted wrongly or faulty memory SIMMs when that is the case you may try reseating the chips. In case the HP error codes proceeds to show you might need to substitute the chips.

Another Problem this error code may signify a error with the formatter board is indeed you will need to substitute the formatter board.

62 – Performance Guarantee, Defective Formatter Board

Issue and Alternative is comparable to error code 61, consult with this code 61 for replies.

63 – Defective Formatter Board

Issue and Alternative is comparable to error code 61, consult with the code 61 for replies.

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