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HP LAPTOP KEYBOARD NOT WORKING? Get Steps That Fix Your Problem Instantly


You will find a couple of things that you can do in case your notebook hp laptop keyboard not working — a few are relatively simple, others are a little more complex. Whatever the case, your keyboard-related issues can definitely be repaired, it is only a matter of how quickly, and whether you’ll need to cover to get the task finished.

HP Laptop keyboard not working

Restart your Pc

Whenever you are having PC issues, this is actually the very first thing to try before troubleshooting any farther. Restarting the computer is quick, simple, and just may fix the problems you are experiencing with your own keyboard.

The great News is that you do not require a working keyboard to restart your notebook. All you need to do is to open the Start menu on Windows 10, click Power, then select the Restart alternative. In the event you’re experiencing issues with your own mouse and touchpad too, press and hold the power button onto your PC for a couple seconds, and the device will turn away. Then simply turn it back with the press of a button and see if that solved the issue.

Could it be a hardware or software issue?

This measure will restrict your problem, showing if your notebook hp laptop keyboard not working due to a hardware or a software problem.

Here is the way to do it restart your computer and input the BIOS. You can do this by pressing a particular key while the computer is booting up. Which key to media is dependent upon the notebook you have — it is generally F2 or Delete. The precise key to utilize will be exhibited in the bottom of the display while your PC is booting up.

Should you can enter the BIOS, applications would be to blame for your keyboard-related issue. However, in the event that you cannot enter BIOS, you are probably dealing with a hardware issue.

Things to do if it is a hardware problem

In case Of a hardware problem, the very first thing to do would be to attempt to wash out the keyboard. Before you Begin, Make Certain to Switch off the notebook and unplug it to get Safety reasons. After that is completed, turn the notebook upside down and gently shake it and tap it to the bottom. Hopefully, you will have the Ability to eliminate a few Dust and other grime which found its way below the keyboard to fix hp laptop keyboard not working. You can also blow off to the computer keyboard, or even better use a can of compressed air.

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